Clicca per ingrandire l'immagineMaty Saladino (Violin), Tony Saladino (Flute), Ninni Saladino (Cello) have begun the study of chamber music with Master Aurelio Arcidiacono, great and significant expression of the musical pedagogic teaching in Europe, and continued with Master Eliodoro Sollima, worthy pianist , composer and refined performer , with Salvatore Cicero and Giovanni Perriera , of the famous trio of Palermo. They have taken part in several national competitions, being always placed . The Trio has played for several musical institutions both in sicily and in the other districts , meeting several musicians : E. and G. Sollima , Flaksman, Di Girolamo , Betta, De Saram , Fait, U.Bruno, A. Faja, Filippini, Willy La Volpe, Uto Ughi, G. Ferrari and other) . In March 1996 they have been admitted to attend, as regular students, the chamber music course , which is run by Master R. Filippini, to the Ars Nova in Palermo . The members of the Trio collaborated actively with UNICEF and CARITAS to the realization of several charity concerts, in East-european people's favour. The Repertory includes music of the eighteen century which belongs to the different european schools and texts which have been written expressely for Saladino Trio by Master: E. Sollima, A. Fortunato, P. A. Polito, M. Bonanno, E. Giacopelli, M. Modestini, G. Gioia, F. Badalamenti. On the 20th of June 1997 the young trio was selected by Teatro Massimo of Palermo to take part in the European Day of "Festa della Musica" . In August 1997 they were , as guests , in two musical festivals both in Fumone and in the International Festival of Terracina 1997, arousing pleasing audience and critics' approvals. On the 7th December 1998 it played in the Teatro Regio in Torino, meeting the first orchestral parts of the Orchestra Symphonic National of Rai , greeting pleasing approvals. The Trio Saladino was selected by Uto Ughi for the Orchestra Giovanile dei Conservatori. In 1999 it was entertained by the broadcast of Rai on Radio 3 "Lampi d'inverno" and by the telecast "Mediterraneo" on the tv channel Rai 3 . In December 1999 they played in catania for the Society Etnea , in Palermo for the television Marathon Telethon , in Rome for the Academy di Romania  in the Teatro al Massimo for Mayor of Palermo City. In 1 June 2001 the Saladino Trio have played in Amsterdam called from the General Consul Of Italy in Holland. It is that they play the classics, is dared jobs written purposely for they, the three young people electrify the footrest with their combination of virtuous , brilliant interpretation, artistic, pure and their thrilling joy. Honouring the young age, the Saladino Trio not only stand out in the competitive Classic Panorama for virtuous technical aspect but also and above all for a rare Emotion, one contagious joy to play together Music and a communicate natural fascination that shines on the scenes leaving the fascinated public.

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